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Kitchen Sink Replacement service:

  • Professional installation of faucets, dishwashers, garbage disposal and drainage and water piping.
  • Do not overlook what is obvious to us. We coordinate your faucet and sink selections with accessories needed for the perfect installation. We match your colors and finishes to such items as air gaps, basket strainers, and disposal flanges.
  • We are fully stocked on parts needed for any situation that may arise during remodeling.
  • Need help choosing fixtures for your kitchen, we can help. We purchase fixtures from 3 different wholesale houses in our area for prompt delivery.

Garbage disposal noisy, leaking, or just not working. No need to worry. Included in Garbage Disposal Replacement:

  • Remove and dispose of old garbage disposal.
  • Help you choose the correct model by listening to what matters most to you, with up front pricing.
  • Provide and install trusted Insinkerator Garbage Disposal.
  • Inform you on proper care of new unit.

Getting a new gas stove. Let us make your connection. Gas services include:

  • Evaluate gas piping sizing in home.
  • Recommend installation plan based on Universal Gas Code.
  • Install gas piping using either Schedule 40 steel piping or Flashshield Stainless Steel piping based off plan.
  • Install proper shut off valve and supply tubing to appliance.


Toilet causing you distress. Running, constantly filling or leaking all over the floor. We can help. Toilet Repair or Replacement as needed:

  • Provide manufacturer factory replacement parts when available for proper functioning of your toilet.
  • Pull and reset your toilet when your wax seal fails.
  • Replace your old, costly, poor flushing toilets with the newest water conserving technological toilets on the market.
  • Help you select a toilet which matches your needs. Standard height toilet when you have small children or comfort height toilets as we age.

Don’t throw money down your drains by letting your faucets, toilets, Tub/shower valves, and hose bibs to continually leak. Service and Repair offerings:

  • Replacement of tub/shower valve and faucet cartridges.
  • Replacement of water heater components.
  • Replacement of flappers, fill valves, and flush valves on toilets.
  • Installation of shut off valves.
  • Frost free hose bib installation.
  • We use manufactured genuine parts from Kohler, Moen, Delta, Mansfield, Rheem, etc. to get the job done right.

Experiencing water damage on your ceiling from leaking tub or shower. Look for our expertise to resolve issues.


Water heater leaking? Don’t panic, call Tosa Plumbing and we will do the rest. Included in Water Heater Replacement:

  • 6, 8, 10, 12 year warranty available.
  • Pull needed permits.
  • Drain and haul away old water heater.
  • Provide and Install Rheem Professional Line Water Heater to fit your hot water needs.
  • Modify water, gas, and vent piping to fit new water heater.
  • Schedule plumbing inspections with your municipality.

Be diligent when it comes to keeping your basement dry. Your sump pump is the only thing preventing property damage. Included with sump pump replacement:

  • Jim Murray Inc. sump pumps installed. Great warranties from dependable pumps.
  • Correctly sized piping with quite check valves.
  • Properly supported pipes prevents loud banging.
  • Separate float switches allows for low repair costs.
  • Battery backup systems available for peace of mind.


Rough and finishing plumbing provided:

  • Rough in mixing valves for tub/showers.
  • Install new drainage and vent piping for fast flowing drains.
  • Replace galvanized piping with copper piping for quick flowing faucets.
  • Install new lavatory faucets and trim on tub/shower.
  • Install toilets.

Building a new home, attention to detail is important. New home rough and finish plumbing services include:

  • Install under floor building drain piping.
  • Rough in drain, waste and vent piping for entire house.
  • Rough in water piping for entire house.
  • Install gas piping to all appliances.
  • Install all plumbing fixtures.

We are certified residential plumbers who stand by their work.

We have provided safe and reliable plumbing services consistent with Wisconsin State Codes in hundreds of homes throughout the greater Southeastern Wisconsin regional area.

Quality Work

Our plumbers are highly trained and certified to handle all your plumbing needs.

Efficient & Effective

We resolve issues quickly and professionally by using the latest diagnostic tools to identify the cause.


We take the time to listen to our clients to ensure that we properly address the job at hand.